In a previous post on Wix Pricing in India, I had shared about the only Premium Plan available for India which costed Rs. 29 per month billed annually. In a recent update, Wix has decided to do away with that plan and has introduced 4 Premium Plans and 3 Business Premium Plans instead. The plans are:

Wix Premium Plans India:

  • Connect Domain – Rs. 80/month

  • Combo – Rs. 125/month

  • Unlimited – Rs. 185/month

  • VIP – Rs. 325/month


Wix Business Premium Plans:

  • Business Basic – Rs. 225/month

  • Business Unlimited – Rs. 300/month

  • Business VIP – Rs. 500/month

Please note an important point – even though the prices are mentioned monthly, the subscription for each plan is billed annually i.e. you need to pay the amount mentioned x 12 at the time of purchase.


Comparison With Rs. 29 Plan


Let’s compare what the Wix Rs. 29 plan had to offer to see which plan offers similar features. This is what the Wix Rs. 29 Plan had to offer:

Now, if you see carefully, this plan was a real deal. It offered you a mix of benefits of Premium and Business Premium Plans at a very economical rate. Some important points –


The bandwidth of Rs 29 per month plan is similar to Wix Unlimited Plan i.e. unlimited bandwidth starts from the Unlimited Wix Plan. I’ve been using the Rs 29 per month plan for over 9 months now and I have no bandwidth issues. So, I’d definitely be sticking with the unlimited bandwidth.


The storage offered in the Rs 29 per month plan was 10 GB which is again similar to the Wix Unlimited Plan. In a sense, the previous plan is mostly similar to the Wix Unlimited Plan being offered now, the only differences being the number of video hours and acceptance of online payments.


In order to accept payments online, you’ll be required to switch to any of the Business Premium Plans.


Wix Premium Plan Renewal


This is a question that remains unanswered for most Wix bloggers in India. I’ve tried reaching out to the customer support multiple times to ask, “If I had a Rs 29 per month plan, will I be charged as per the new rates or the previous plan price itself?”


The e-mail that I had received on purchase of the Rs 29 per month plan mentioned this:

Now, whether the price change will get reflected on the existing plans or not is something that I can only tell after Nov, 2020 when the plan gets renewed automatically.


Wix Domain Renewal Cost


Please note that in the first year, you get a free domain voucher due to which the cost of your domain is included in the Premium Plan cost. However, from the second year onward, it will not be the case.


So, in the second year, you will have to renew your subscription for domain registry. To check how much that will cost, please refer to this post – Wix Domain Renewal Cost in India. I’ve written this after having renewed my domain plan and extending it for 3 years.


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Most likely, if I get charged more as per the new plans, I will be purchasing the Wix Unlimited Plan. For bloggers with high traffic who don’t wish to indulge in e-commerce, it is the best plan.


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