A member of the blog recently asked me if it was possible to earn money from a Wix Blog by placing ads. The answer is yes, you can. I’ve placed ads on both my Wix blogs and in this post, I will be revealing my AdSense Earnings from the first month of ad activation from them:

Blog Descriptions

Before beginning, let me share the data and statistics of my blogs so that you have a fair estimate of what you can earn from your Wix blog through AdSense ad placement:


Non-engineers: This is a 6 months old blog with a daily traffic of 800-1,000 users (30-40% unique) and 2,500-3,000 page views. It has a total of 160+ posts out of which more than 35 posts have got featured on Google Discover. It organically ranks #1 for multiple keywords.

  • Traffic: Indian

  • Ads Location: Web Pages and In-Text (blog ads)

Cursive Impact: The blog you’re on is about a month old with 30-50 daily users (60-70% unique) and 150-200 page views. It has got about 20 posts published to date with just over a 100 clicks via Google.

  • Traffic: International

  • Ads Location: In-Text only

Note: In-Text ads refer to ads within the blog posts, e.g. the ad below. These ads cannot be activated using AdSense App from the Wix Store. You need to add an HTML code for AdSense to enable them.


Wix AdSense Earnings

First Month

For both the Wix blogs, it has just been a month that I activated the ads, so let’s have a look at the AdSense earnings from them and compare some variables:


Wix Blogs AdSense Earnings

As you can see, I have earned about $25.81 from the two blogs combined. Now, let’s split the AdSense earnings basis the two websites and compare some numbers:


  • Earnings: $25.52

  • Clicks: 407

  • Imp. RPM: $0.06

  • CPC: $0.06

  • CTR: 0.1%


Cursive Impact:

  • Earnings: $0.29

  • Clicks: 6

  • Imp. RPM: $0.2

  • CPC: $0.05

  • CTR: 0.42%

Now, if you were to compare the two, you could see that the numbers from Cursive Impact are far lower as compared to Non-engineers, but if you see the CTR and Impressions RPM, the data looks promising.

Factors at Play

There are many factors at play which affect how much you’re able to earn from your Wix Blog using AdSense in your first month:

  • Traffic Numbers: Needless to say, the more the traffic, the better the earnings.

  • Traffic Type: If you have only Indian traffic, then your CPC and CTR are going to be lower. Blogging experts have time and again suggested that AdSense pays lower for Asian countries. So, try attracting International traffic to your blogs if you want a higher CPC.

  • Traffic Source: If you have a good share of organic traffic coming onto your website, you will have higher earnings from the AdSense account. This is because your posts will be more likely to address the user intent.

  • Ad Placement: The CTR numbers get greatly influenced by how you place your ads. Being unaware of this fact, I flooded some of my blog posts on Non-engineers with in-text ads, which resulted in a lower CTR in the initial days.

  • Keyword Research: If you’re optimizing your Wix Blog by using the right keywords (that have a higher bid rate), then you’re more likely to earn better from the AdSense ads.

Bottom Line

You must have heard bloggers say, “Making money from Blogging takes time”. It’s true. And, mostly because traffic and SEO both take their own time to work. So, if you’re a new blogger, especially a Wix blogger, willing to earn from your AdSense ad placements, don’t give up too soon. It’ll all be worth the effort.

Focus your energy on creating valuable content for your readers and use all channels to promote your content and attract new visitors. You can reach out to me if you have any follow-ups.

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