Important Update: The Wix Rs. 29 per month plan has been discontinued in India. To check the new prices of Premium Plans, read this – Wix Premium Plans in India.


A lot of people in India wish to start blogging on Wix, but often the information on the web about Wix Pricing in India confuses them. I can share the reality of Wix Blog’s Cost because this is the second Wix Website that I have purchased. Let me put it upfront that Wix is one of the most inexpensive web hosting services available in India. So, let’s begin revealing the costs of hosting a website on Wix:


Types of Costs


There are two main costs that any web hosting service will ask for:

  • Domain Purchase Cost: This is the cost that you have to incur to get your own custom domain. For example, the URL of my blog is I’ve purchased this domain name from Wix for a year. Please note that you cannot purchase a domain name forever. It needs to be renewed every year (you can opt for 2/3 years extension at a time).

  • Web Hosting Cost: This is the cost that you have to incur to host your website on Wix. Now, Wix offers a lot of plans in other countries, but in India, it offers only two plans: one of them is free and the other is the Wix Premium Plan. If you’re confused which one to choose, I’d suggest you to read the factors to be considered before purchasing any paid plan.


Wix Domain Purchase Cost


In the first year, you don’t have to pay anything to purchase a Wix Domain. This is because Wix offers a special Free Domain Voucher which makes purchasing a Wix Domain absolutely free of cost for the first year. From the next year onward, you will have to pay around Rs. 850 for a year to renew the domain name. The reason I said ‘around Rs. 850’ is because it depends on the period of extension for which you wish to renew your domain name. For example:

  • Rs. 897 per year for 1 year

  • Rs. 837 per year for 2 years

  • Rs. 777 per year for 3 years

Wix Domain Extension Cost

Please Note: When you make the purchase on the Wix Portal, you will have to enter your credit card/debit card details twice – once to purchase the web hosting plan (premium plan) and the other time to purchase the domain name. But, when you will make the purchase for the domain name, simply click on the free domain voucher option available and you will have to pay zero rupees for it.


Wix Web Hosting Cost


Now, let’s discuss the amount you’ll have to incur for the Wix Web Hosting Plan in India (Wix Premium Plan). The Wix Premium Plan costs Rs. 348/year. This cost remains the same each year irrespective of the traffic your website gets.


Please Note: The Wix Portal will show that hosting a website on Wix costs about Rs. 29/month but what it doesn’t mention in bold is that it is billed annually. Thus, there is no option to pay per month, you have to make an annual payment of Rs. 348.


Wix Premium Plan Billed Anuually




So, the overall Wix Pricing in India over the years is as follows:

  • 1st Year: Rs. 348

  • 2nd Year Onward: Rs. 348 + Rs. 850 (approx.) = Rs. 1,198


Compared to most other blogging and web hosting platforms Wix is one of the most inexpensive platforms to create a new website or a blog. In order to begin, you can Sign Up on Wix.


EDIT: I recently renewed my domain and I’ve shared the domain renewal prices for India here.


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