The short answer is: Yes, they do! But, if you’re here, then it means your Wix Site is not showing up on Google. This can be due to two issues, so get ready to investigate which one it is:

  • Your Wix Site is Not Indexed

  • Your Wix Site is Not Ranking

If you think your Wix website is not ranking on Google, it could very well be an indexing issue. The first thing you need to do is to type the URL of the page you are looking for on Google as follows:

This is an example. You’re supposed to replace with the URL you’re looking for. If it is a particular page, then add the exact address, e.g. in front of “site:“.


Upon hitting the Google search button you’ll be able to see if your Wix web page is listed on Google or not. In technical language, this listing is what is called as “Indexing“. It means that Google has listed your Wix Website in its database of websites.


If your Wix website or web page is not showing up on Google despite using “site:”, then you need to request Google to index it.


Wix Google Indexing


You can index your Wix website by using Google Search Console. You first need to verify your website with GSC. For that, you can refer to this Wix Guide.


Once verified, you need to copy-paste the URL of your web page into the search bar on the top called as “Inspect URL“. Once pasted, it will retrieve the data from Google’s Index to check if the web page you’ve entered is already indexed. You can see that status under “Coverage”.


If not indexed, you can click on “Request Indexing” option as shown below:

A tip that I have here is that even if you have multiple web pages left to be indexed, it is better to individually request their indexing than submitting a Sitemap altogether. It works better if done individually.


Wix Google Ranking


If indexing is not an issue i.e. your Wix website is available on Google but not ranking on the first few pages, then the only issue is with the “SEO” of your website.


Search Engine Optimization refers to making your web pages more relevant for the end viewers and thereby making them more favourable in the eyes of the search engine. Think of it like a competition between all the web pages talking about the query entered by a Google user.


If someone types “Do Wix Sites Rank on Google” in the search box, what is the likelihood that this web page will appear in the results? That depends on how much I optimize this web page for both the end user and the search engine. The SEO of any web page constitutes three basic elements:

Wix SEO Components




The websites which load faster are ranked better on Google. Optimizing the various elements of your website can help in faster loading speed. However, there is a limitation to how much you can do that with Wix because it doesn’t give you the access to back end.


Some things that you can take care of:

  • Improving Navigation

  • Using Limited Fonts

  • Using H1, H2 Tags

  • JPG Instead of PNG

  • Compressing Images

  • Clean Above the Fold

You can also refer to this Design Guide I created on how to design a Wix website. There is another resource on getting Quicker AdSense Approval which talks about the crucial SEO aspects that helped me in getting a fast-track approval. That might help you as well.




Backlinks refer to the links of your website being inserted by other websites as external links. When another website finds your content relevant for their users to read, they give you a backlink and divert traffic to your website. But, it is not as simple as it sounds.


First of all, not all backlinks are useful. The website referring back to you should be credible enough in the same domain in which you operate. For example, if this website is a blogging website, a backlink from a fashion website may not hold that much value that a backlink from a web designing website will.


Secondly, not all backlinks transfer the web juice. If the backlink is a do-follow link, it means the website referring to you is transferring you its credibility and vouching for your content. If it is a no-follow link, then that doesn’t take place, however, getting a no-follow link is better than getting no link at all.


Now that you know of backlinks, the idea is to reach out to websites relevant to your niche and ask them for a guest post on their website where you can insert one of your website’s link. This process is called Backlinks Development and that’s what improves your credibility and thereby your SEO ranking as well.




This factor is perfectly in your control and according to me, this is what you can play with to improve your Google Ranking. To be fair, I have not worked on backlinks development at all. Yet, my websites rank well on Google (screenshots shared ahead) because of this SEO trick – optimizing content.


Optimizing content means making use of the same keywords that you think your potential readers would be asking as queries on Google. It involves keyword research which is done in a lot of ways.


I have shared a brief Wix SEO Guide for someone just starting with SEO basics. There is another post I’ve written on Optimizing for Google Discover. Both of them can help you in understanding how to optimize your content for Google.


I’m yet to write a full-fledged post on Keyword Research, so let me know if you’d want that in the comments. It’d help me prioritize it.


Do Wix Sites Rank on Google?


Coming back to the question that we started off with. Is it possible to work with Wix SEO for Google or is Wix good for SEO? Here’s the answer in the form of organic traffic on both my Wix Websites:

Organic Traffic of Non-Engineers

Organic Traffic of Cursive Impact

As you can see, both the blogs hold a fair share of the organic traffic, especially as a percentage of the overall traffic of the blogs – organic ranks the highest.


So, out of the three points mentioned before regarding SEO Optimization, Wix ranks poorly on website design because it limits some of the things you can do to improve your SEO, e.g. speed.


But, content optimization and backlinks development are still in your hands and you can rank your Wix website better on Google by making use of them.

Hope this helps you improve the ranking of your Wix website on Google. If you’re a Wix blogger, these posts might be of help to you:






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