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How can I generate the strongest password?

Anyone who actively uses different types of passwords knows that they must be complex and unpredictable. This is really important, because a strong password will ensure the preservation of any data. We should not forget that it is bad to use the same password wherever it is necessary. This automatically makes you even more vulnerable, because if you get your personal data into the hands of scammers, even if by accident, you lose everything at once. It is better to remember a few passwords than to lose everything immediately because of one.

How to get a strong password?

The first thing you need to successfully generate passwords forever, you need to create a certain scheme in your head. It should be memorable for you, possibly built on associations. But the constructed associations should not be too simple, in order to avoid successful attempts at selection. Words or symbols should mean something to you, so you will not forget for sure. It may be something related to what the protection is for. If this is the password from your account in some payment system, you can give the word "Wallet" as an example.

The Association is ready, now it is important to use this association correctly. To avoid problems with the layout, you need to use only the Latin alphabet. You can translate the word association into English or simply write it in Latin letters. It turns out like this: "Wallet" or "Koshelek". Better, of course, to use the first option and the words in English. So it's safer and not every scammer will go through the whole English dictionary when choosing a password. If, of course, the scammer himself is not English-speaking.

The next important factor is the case of characters. The entire password should consist not only of small or large letters, but have at least 3 large and 3 small letters. For example, WaLLet. The more complicated and long the word, the better. To guess this combination will be more difficult.

It is highly recommended to use numbers and symbols. Signs should be simple, which is on the keyboard, and not in the symbol table. Do not have to once again look for the right and disclose part of their protection. To simplify the task yourself, in order not to exclude or add extra characters, you can replace existing letters. In our case, this can be done with the letters "a" and "L". Example: W @ 1Let. The word remains the same, but now it's a bit encrypted. If the service does not allow us to use such values, then they can be easily omitted: W2L1et.

If the password length should be longer, then you can add to it the figures associated with life events. It can be anything, but the less these figures are known to outsiders and the less they are connected with you, the better. You can add numbers to the beginning, middle and end of the password, so as not to get confused at all.

How to remember a large number of passwords?

Using different passwords for different needs is a very useful thing, but remembering them sometimes is not so easy. Therefore, you need to create passwords according to a single scenario, using always the same scheme, which you will well remember. It is important that its use is not difficult.

Take the example of three different "cipher": from mail, game, purse and phone. We need to create a unified scheme where, for example, the main part is the word association in English, 2, 4 and 6 the letter will be replaced by a symbol, and in the end a number will be added directly associated with the service for which we use the password. Do not forget about the register: at least three letters should be large. If it is not possible to select a character that is similar to the original letter, you can move it.

Thus, the passwords will be compiled approximately like this: - T3L3gr@Ma6, Sn1P3R99, W@L1et1, C0n7A(T3.

The circuit looks like this:

The word that is associated with the service (mail - Telegrama, game - Sniper, wallet - Wallet and phone - Contact).
The first letter and each letter that follows the character is always capitalized. 2, 4 and 6 letters are replaced by symbols. If the letter can not be replaced by a symbol, then the next letter can be replaced.
Each time in the end, figures are inserted. What do they mean in this case? For example, this is the sixth post; 99 game installed on the computer; 1 online wallet and 3 phone.
You have to come up with a diagram yourself and use it. Do not try to use the scheme above. This is just an example that it is better not to use for security purposes.


Generating a password is an important step in protecting your data, so you need to take it seriously. The more important for you the data in a particular service, the harder the password should be.

This article describes interesting ways to create passwords manually, without using any extraneous sites. The sample schemas provided in the article are unique, because with their help you can create a complex catchy "cipher", over which you do not have to think long. And the most important plus: every scheme creates itself, it can add or change any rule item.

Creating the passwords described in this article will save time, simplify the remembering of passwords and their generation.

The main thing do not forget that even the most reliable passwords need to be changed periodically.